Campaign Eligibility Requirements

All Pantry Gift Inc. campaigns must meet the following requirements:

  1. All funds must be used by stewards to feed neighbors in need through a mini pantry.

  2. Stewards and mini pantry hosts cannot discriminate or proselytize religious or political views.

  3. Stewards may not request funds for labor, capital improvements, vehicles, salaries or rental fees. 

Stewards may ask for funds to help feed their neighbors in need. This includes funds for the purchase of grocery items or materials with which to build a mini pantry. 

For Grocery Items:

Local stewards are experts on what their neighbors need most. We at PantryGift and our givers trust stewards to identify items and shop mindfully, maximizing gifts.

For Building Materials

PantryGift advises potential stewards to self-fund or first seek other support to implement mini pantries.  
Potential stewards unable to launch a mini pantry by other means may create a campaign for building materials. Again, we at PantryGift and our givers trust potential stewards will shop mindfully, maximizing their gifts.