Launching your campaign



1.  Complete the Application. At the bottom, click Submit For Review.

image of submit for review button

2.  After clicking, this should pop up on your screen: 

image of you have submitted your campaign pop up


3. The timeline for review and approval may vary; we approve for launch only that number of campaigns we can responsibly manage at any given time. Campaigns enter the review and approval queue on a first come first reviewed and approved basis.

Once we approve your funding request, you will receive an email letting you know, and your Pending campaign will become a Draft. (The email will remind you of Steps 4 and 5 as follows.) 

4. To launch: Sign in, then go to My Account, My Campaigns. Inside your Draft campaign, click the Launch Campaign rocket and liftoff! 

image of pending campaign showing launch icon

5.  Want to proofread first? Sign in, then go to My Account, My Campaigns. Inside your Pending campaign, click Make Edits. Edit your application as you'd like, then scroll to the bottom and click the teal Create Campaign button to launch your campaign. 

image of create campaign button

6.  Edit your campaign any time. 

7.  Keep an eye on your inbox for more from us, and may your pantry gifts be generous!

Not a part of launching but important! 

To receive your gifts ASAP, Sign In, go to My Account, then Profile. In the Personal Information section, fill in the blanks with the phone number where you can be reached in case we have questions, and the address where you would like to receive your check.