Your optional gifts to PantryGift



When you "Give" to a campaign, you are redirected to "My Cart." Notice an additional 15% in the "Donation Amount" column. This is your optional, editable, deductible gift to Pantry Gift Inc.

photo of my cart with arrow pointing to optional gift to pantry gift percentage

The service we provide through PantryGift costs money. Your optional gifts help us pay for payment processor fees, platform development, and staff, who vet campaigns, route funds, collect data, and promote PantryGift. Your optional gifts permit us to create more connection and more impact.

We will be grateful stewards of your generosity. 

Make changes to your optional gifts to PantryGift by clicking "Edit amount" from "My Cart," as pictured above. For a video how to, watch this!

photo of My Cart with arrow pointing to where you may edit the optional gift to pantry gift percentage