Who can create a campaign


Pantry Gift Inc. considers radical trust one of its core values. To build trust, campaign creators must be mini pantry Stewards who meet campaign eligibility requirements. 

Who is a Steward

If it was your idea to bring a mini pantry into your community and you oversee that mini, you're a Steward! To start a campaign, mini pantry Stewards must provide contact information and complete an application form. We follow up! 

Friends of a mini pantry do not meet campaign eligibility requirements.

Who is a Friend

A Friend is anyone who is not a steward and who regularly gives to or takes from their neighborhood mini pantry. With our gratitude, Friends are encouraged to do the following:

  • Keep stocking and using your neighborhood mini! 
  • Connect with a steward about creating a PantryGift campaign.
  • Support your neighborhood mini through donations to its PantryGift campaigns.
  • Support the mini pantry movement through donations to PantryGift.
  • Share about us and the mini pantry movement.