What happens after I give


  1. You will receive an auto-generated receipt.

  2. PantryGift will email a second receipt. Please check your Spam or Junk folder if you do not receive a receipt within 48 hours. We'd be grateful if you went an extra step and marked email from us as "not junk."

  3. PantryGift retains campaign gifts until campaigns expire or reach goal amounts, whichever comes first. Gifts made after full funding but before campaign closure and removal from pantrygift.org campaigns will be made over the goal amount.

  4. At campaign closure, PantryGift directs all campaign funds raised to the campaign's creator, who must be a mini pantry steward as defined in our eligibility requirements. Stewards have one month from postmark to complete our post-campaign requirements.

  5. Expect a follow-up email where you'll see your gifts feeding neighbors and nourishing neighborhoods!