What we expect of stewards



To create a campaign, you must be a steward who meets campaign eligibility requirements


More Requirements

The Application Form and
Proof of Use build trust and provide learning about mini pantry movement and campaign impact. Givers want to know their donations make a difference.

A letter of appreciation or thank you note shows we value giver generosity and see givers as collaborators in the work of the mini pantry. 

Receipt photos build trust and provide learning about the mini pantry movement. Photos of you, your team, and items purchased help givers see their gifts' impact. 


Upon completion of your campaign, we will send a follow-up email containing information about the following: 


  1. Proof of Use

  2. Letter of appreciation: a personalized letter describing the impact of your givers' donations. Heartfelt, timely words of gratitude encourage more giving and improve writer and recipient mood!

  3. Photos:
    • Receipts
    • You feeding neighbors: items purchased, yourself and neighbors stocking your mini pantry with those items, neighbors using the mini pantry

We ask for a prompt response.

Stewards who do not comply with these requirements will be barred from further use of PantryGift.